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A bibliometric study of Ph D theses accepted by Bangalore University in zoology, botany and physics

An analysis of 511 theses accepted by Bangalore University, Bangalore in the disciplines of zoology, botany and physics during 1969–2015 indicates that the number of theses accepted during the period of study follow an inconsistent trend. Highest number of theses was accepted during the five year block of 1991–1995 in zoology and botany, while the highest number of theses in physics was accepted in the five year block of 1996–2000. Of the 511 accepted theses, 203 theses were by female scholars and the rest 308 by male scholars. The number of theses accepted by women scholars in botany was almost equal to the number of theses by their male counters. Highest number of theses supervised in zoology was by a female supervisor. No women supervisor could find place in the list of prolific supervisors in physics. In the discipline of zoology and botany, four women supervisors were listed in the list of prolific supervisors.



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